Terms & Conditions

Definitions of Law

1.1 The Equipment shall mean goods, components or other items hired by Top Sound Entertainment Ltd.

1.2 The “Customer” is the person, firm, corporate or public body, hereafter referred to as “You” or “The Customer”, hiring the equipment or services.

1.3 The “Company” is Top Sound Entertainment Ltd. Hereafter referred to as “Us” “We” or “The Company”

1.4 Consequential Loss shall mean loss of profits, contracts or any other consequential loss or damages whatsoever unless due to the negligence of Top Sound Entertainment Ltd. .

1.5 The contract shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with presiding law and the Parties to this contract agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of regional courts.


2.1 The charges due are as stated and agreed on the contract or invoice or hire form.

2.2 Hire charges commence from the date stated in the invoice or hire form and are payable for the period of hire.

2.3 In event of a breach of these conditions or the equipment not being available for use by other customers, the customer will pay the full daily hire rate together with consequential loss.

2.4 All spares, tools and other additional equipment supplied with the hire must be returned, or the customer will be charged in full for their replacement.

2.5 All amounts payable including the deposits shall be paid before the commence of the event and after Top Sound Entertainment Ltd Engineers have set up and verified the equipment.

2.6 All charges are payable on demand and failure to meet payment terms will result in cancellation of the hire.

Hire Period

3.1 The hire period commences and terminates at the times specified and agreed in the contract, hire form or invoice.

Booking fee and Payments

4.1 For each hire item there is a set deposit fee. For hire of multiple items up to 4 the maximum deposit shall be the sum of the deposit of each hire item stated in the price list up to a maximum of £100. For hires of more than 4 items the deposit shall be £150

4.2 Hire bundles are subject to the deposit advertised in the price list.

4.3 The deposit shall be returned in its entirety at the end of the rental agreement once Top Sound Entertainment Ltd has verified the equipment.

4.4 If the equipment is damaged or faulty at the end of the rental agreement the deposit shall be kept by Top Sound Entertainment Ltd in order to cover the cost of repairing the items damaged.

4.5 An item is considered damaged if it is returned in a poorly condition.

4.6 The customer is liable for damage to the item such as: water damage; use of equipment inappropriately; use of the equipment for other than its intended purpose; overpowering the equipment; damage through shock (i.e.: dropping the equipment)

4.7 The customer is not liable for damage to the item such as: normal wear and tear (failing light bulbs, broken CDJ CUE/PLAY button); misuse of the equipment by Top Sound Entertainment Ltd staff or subcontractors;

Power to enter this contract

5.1 The signatory to the contract warrants that they are duly authorised on the customers behalf to enter into the contract.

Customers Responsibilities

6.1 The customer’s responsibility for the equipment commences on receipt of the equipment, and terminates when Top Sound Entertainment Ltd collects and verifies the equipment.

6.2 At no time shall the customer sell, dispose or otherwise part with control of the equipment.

6.3 It is the customer’s responsibility that everyone who uses the equipment has been instructed in its safe and proper operation, and further will not allow the equipment to be misused.

6.4 Top Sound Entertainment Ltd can not be held responsible for any financial loss, personal injury or damage to or loss of any property arising as a result of the misuse of the equipment.

6.5 The equipment must not move from the site specified in the contract without prior authorisation from Top Sound Entertainment Ltd.

Electrical Equipment

7.1 Any electrical equipment should be used with plugs and/or sockets as fitted.

7.2 If any plugs or sockets are to be fitted, or the equipment otherwise modified by the customer, such work will be carried out by a competent person who shall also reinstate the equipment to the same original condition prior to return. before any electrical alterations take place written permission must first be obtained from Top Sound Entertainment Ltd.

7.3 It is the responsibility of the customer at all times to provide a proper supply of electricity for use with the equipment, and ensure that the equipment is properly earthed. Some lighting systems require a 125amp power supply.

Equipment Maintenance

8.1 The customer shall not act to compromise the serviceability of the equipment during the hire period. Under no circumstances shall the customer attempt to repair the equipment without prior authorisation from Top Sound Entertainment Ltd.

8.2 Any breakdown or unsatisfactory working of equipment shall be immediately notified to Top Sound Entertainment Ltd.

Faulty equipment

9.1 Any equipment found to be faulty should be reported to Top Sound Entertainment Ltd immediately – failure to do so will result in loss of deposit.

Condition of returned equipment

11.1 The customer is fully responsible for the care, safekeeping and return in good order of the equipment.

11.2 The customer will reimburse all costs incurred by Top Sound Entertainment Ltd. in rectifying the condition of any equipment returned damaged or unclean.

Termination of hire

12.1 Top Sound Entertainment Ltd shall be entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect and to repossess the equipment at any time if the customer is in breach of these terms.

12.2 Such termination shall not affect the right of Top Sound Entertainment Ltd to recover from the customer any money due under the contract, consequential loss or damages for breach.

Reproduction of Recorded Music and other licenses

13.1 The hirer shall be responsible for obtaining such licenses or permissions as may be required for the public performance of recorded music and for all other activities as required.

Equipment & personnel protection

15.1 It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that any equipment on hire is kept free of moisture, liquid or any other contaminants that could damage the equipment.

15.2 It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that adequate security measures are put in place to ensure the safety of our equipment and personnel at all times.

Vehicles on site

16.1 It is the customer’s responsibility to provide suitable means of access for our vehicles onto and around the site as required. There will be no off road delivery unless previously agreed.

Equipment Availability

17.1 If, in the unlikely event, the exact equipment specified on your invoice, contract or hire form is unavailable for whatever reason, Top Sound Entertainment Ltd agrees to supply equipment that is suitable for the original intended purpose.

DJ/ Photographer Hire

18.1 The customer shall ensure he/she will have provided  Top Sound Entertainment Ltd with all the requirements necessary to offer a satisfactory performance.

18.2  Top Sound Entertainment Ltd shall ensure that the subcontracted artist is suited for the hire requirements.

18.2 The DJ or Photographer is to arrive to the venue and shall ensure they are ready to work (I.e: all equipment plugged in and verified; appropriate playlists ready; camera batteries full) prior to commencing his/her work

18.3 The Customer is to notify  Top Sound Entertainment Ltd immediately should a DJ/Photographer be found under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

18.4 As the DJ/ Photographer is subcontracted under  Top Sound Entertainment Ltd, The Customer shall not pay them directly under any circumstance.

18.5 The photographer is to ensure that none of the still pictures or videos taken shall be used outside of the hire circumstances. Failure to do so could result in criminal proceedings against them. Top Sound Entertainment Ltd absolves any liability should any of this happen.